Wear Your Hunting Pride, In Season and Out

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 3:41pm
Bill Miller

For any hunter, whether his passion is pursuing deer, ducks, turkey, elk or any other game, the time period between the happiest day of the year and the saddest day of the year is all too short. The happiest day, of course, is opening day, and the saddest is closing day. Thankfully, most of us stretch our season to experience multiple opening days each year. We hunt a variety of game, and we pursue it by a number of means – firearms, archery, muzzle loaders – and for a growing number – handguns and crossbows.

But bottom line is, for each of us there’s bound to be some “off season” – a portion of the year when there’s nothing to hunt. Yet, just because the seasons are closed does not mean we are suddenly “not hunters.” Being a hunter is part of our fiber, of our existence on this earth. Hunters are hunters year round, and we’re proud to show it – or at least we should be.

One of the best ways to share that pride is to … literally … wear it. Garments that serve as reliable, go-to hunting wear in season then become great looking “go to town” clothes during the off-season are the best of the best. That field-to-town versatility is one of the things that makes the Huntworth Men’s Life Style Soft Shell Jacket so great.

In season, it’s serious hunting gear. It’s warm and comfortable with double layer fabric construction of stretch polyester bonded to a thick fleece. In the woods, its durable water repellent finish sheds moisture and light snow. Two large pockets carry extras you need to access quickly in the stand or blind. The combination of highly effective Oak Tree EVO camo and black serves well whether you’re hiding in the elements, or hunting from a blacked out pop up blind.

Off season, the Soft Shell jacket is all about great “I’m a hunter” looks. The collar, yolk shoulders and sleeves are tastefully tailored with attractive Oak Tree EVO over a black body with accents on the inner arms and lower sleeves. The new front zipper style is almost invisible. Because you’ll be wearing this jacket virtually year round, the seams are double stitched providing durability to keep you hunting and looking good for years!

Pride in quality, pride in being a hunter are built into the whole Huntworth clothing line.

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Bill Miller is a lifelong hunter, angler, and outdoorsman. That’s kept him in the woods for something north of 40 years already. He’s built a 30-plus-year career focused on communicating the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the outdoor experience. His adventures have led him to five continents, and camps from high above the Arctic Circle to southern South America and Africa. He has authored hundreds of articles, hosted hunting and shooting sports programs on many major cable television networks, and written or contributed to dozens of books about the outdoors. Yet despite all the distant adventures, much of his favorite outdoor pursuits are close to his home in the Upper Midwest. Besides blogging at www.huntworthgear.com, you can also find Bill’s work at www.underthebigpine.com, NBC Sports from the Lodge, on Outfitters Rating TV on the Sportsman Channel, and in numerous hunting publications. Bill’s most recent book collaboration is called Reflections Under the Big Pine details of which can be found at www.underthebigpine.com.