Unmatched Versatility of Balaclava Now Doubled

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 6:54pm
Bill Miller

When you consider all of the ways a balaclava can be worn in the field, there’s no denying it’s the king … and yes, queen … of versatility! We’ve covered that before in this very blog. (http://huntworthgear.com/content/blog/view-is-best-from-beneath-a-brim)

Yet the great hunting minds at Huntworth got to thinking, “How can we borrow on the 4-H motto to ‘Make the Best Better’ and improve on a design that’s already so great?”

Considering the standard balaclava can be worn as a stocking cap, a neck gaiter, a face mask, or in any combination or all of the above – with or without an additional layer of headwear – improving its versatility is a mighty tall order. Yet, low and behold, Huntworth did it! Not only did they do it – they doubled it!

Meet the Huntworth Delta Balaclava. Worn with the OakTree EVO camo Durable Water Repellant side out, it performs all of the above duties while shedding light rain or snow and keeping you concealed from the eyes of wary bucks or ducks. Not to mention simultaneously snuggling your melon gently in a warm, thick anti-pill fleece lining.

Yet, those are the basic things you’d probably expect a camouflage balaclava to do for you – no questions asked.

Here’s where Huntworth’s innovation doubles the versatility of the famous balaclava design.

That thick fleece lining that’s so comfy on your cheeks, ears, and neck? They did it in see-me-for-a-mile hunter blaze orange!

So when you’re hunting in states or seasons in which the regulations require a head covering of blaze orange … you’re covered! Simply pull the Delta inside out, put it back on, and now it will do all of the above while assuring you’re seen by all other hunters – and game wardens -- in the vicinity.

Wow! So simple, yet so much benefit. Way to go Huntworth!

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