The “Must Always Haves” of Hunting

Mon, 06/09/2014 - 1:52pm
Bill Miller

In a hunting career now spanning more than 40 years, I’ve learned a lot of lessons. Many of them have come “the hard way,” and many of them I’ve had to be repeated more than once. But, now, I feel like I’ve put together a pretty good list of “must always haves” – things that it seems are nearly impossible to enjoy a hunt without.

  1. Binoculars – It happened a couple times again during the recently past turkey season. I got out to the place I planned to hunt, set up, and settled in. I went to check out the scene through my 10X binoculars (which is more like how a turkey sees things) and … DUH! The binoculars were sitting on the seat back in the truck! So I jumped up and jogged to the truck and back to retrieve the binos. These days I feel naked hunting without them – no matter what I’m hunting. I even carry binoculars in my blind bag for duck and goose hunting. Find some binoculars you like and work for you … and use them for everything!
  2. Sharp Knife – next to your firearm or bow, there’s no tool more important to hunting than a knife. And a dull knife is both worthless and dangerous. Keep it sharp! You’ll use your knife in the best of times – when that trophy is down and the work is about to begin – to the worst of times – when you’re fighting for your life and/or a friend’s life in a survival or first aid situation! And, of course, there’s all the regular stuff in between.
  3. Multiple Pairs of Good Gloves – get a bunch of good gloves and stash them everywhere. For the woods, always have at least three pair – including the ones on your hands. They not only keep you warm and dry and clean, gloves will help keep the bugs off, provide camouflage for the part of your body you have to move to take a shot, and protect your hands and fingers when moving through thorny, nasty cover. Really good gloves will even enhance your feel on the trigger or release.

A great all-around glove at a price you can afford to buy multiple pairs is the Huntworth Men’s Hunting Glove. The shell is a soft rip stop with a pliable knit between the fingers for comfort and quietness. The barrier is a waterproof baggie to keep you dry, and there’s even an anti-microbial treatment on the tricot palm lining for scent reduction. The palm patch material affords a sure grip, and the spandex trigger finger provides the sensitivity you need for making that tough shot. In Huntworth’s exclusive Oak Tree EVO camo, these gloves offer the best in concealment in nearly any terrain and conditions.

To borrow a classic slogan – “Don’t leave home without them!” These Huntworth gloves definitely fall on that “always have” list.

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