Mustering Hunting Confidence

Mon, 06/16/2014 - 1:57pm
Bill Miller

One of the greatest factors in success in any kind of hunting is confidence. To take a big buck, bull, or boar you must have confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your skills. If you’re constantly second-guessing your recon and your decisions, you’ll never sit in one stand or hunt one area long enough to be successful. Second-guessing leads to wandering all over the place, and wandering leads to an empty meat pole.

But there are moments during almost every hunt where you need to bolster your confidence; when you simply must tell yourself, “I can do this.” Some are small and go nearly unnoticed – like when the alarm rings at 3 a.m. for the tenth morning in a row on a so-far unsuccessful turkey season. Others are big – like on a mountain hunt for elk, sheep, or goats and your guide is telling you “He’s right there! He’s right there!”, but between here and there is a cliff that needs to be scaled or a ledge to be crawled.

When I find myself in that situation I find I stop for a moment and adjust my gear before moving on. I cinch my belt, retie my boots, adjust my pack straps, and, almost invariably, snug my hat down over my ears. There is some kind of confidence booster in having everything “just right” and truly “feeling” the support of the carefully chosen gear and garments.

The Huntworth Men’s Beanie Hat in Performance Fleece provides me that exact confidence in the feel of its fit. The sleek, performance stretch fleece shell conforms to my head; not too tight, just the right confidence-building kind of tight. The durable water repellant finish sheds moisture and light snow – times when one often needs a confidence booster. The lining swaddles the head and ears with a soft polyester knit. And the exclusive Huntworth Oak Tree EVO camouflage provides the confidence of assured concealment.

The old phrase “up your game” is all about boosting confidence. Applied to hunting with a Huntworth Beanie Hat, you’ll experience enhanced confidence and performance on every hunt. Go get ‘em!

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