Mittens Are Warmer Than Gloves

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 11:04pm
Bill Miller

In hunting, there are few things that can be stated with absolute certainty. Even a statement like, “Bucks have antlers and does don’t” does not always hold true. Every year there are a few does that show up with antlers somehow. It’s unusual, but it does happen. And, of course, if you factor in the caribou member of the deer family – well, then the statement just goes right out the window, because most cow caribou have antlers as well as the bulls.

So, I’m always leery about stating something as 100 percent, incontrovertible fact. However, in more than 40 years of North Country hunting, I will draw this line in the sand: “Mittens are warmer than gloves.”

So if the weather is forecast to go even close to cold while I’m deer hunting, you’ll find me wearing mittens, and since getting my Huntworth Pop Top Catapult Mittens, that’s what you’ll see on my hands.

Combo glove/mittens for hunters have been around for a long time, but as is their hallmark, Huntworth designers have taken their gloves to new levels of convenience and comfort. The Catapults are really well-conceived and well-executed.

First the glove portion is lined with a waffle-patterned fleece that’s cozy and comfortable. The thumbs are fully enclosed, but the fingers are without tips for maximum dexterity (you could easily tie on tiny fishing flies if you wanted to while wearing these mittens, but this is where the features really go above and beyond.

The Pop Top mitten is lined with luxurious fleece and there’s ample room in the top for a hand warmer packet. There’s a large pocket on the back of the mitten at the wrist meant to hold the Pop Top securely when you want it back and out of the way. I also use this pocket to tuck another hand warmer packet against the back of my hand to double the heat output.

The palms and inside of the thumbs have a silicone print pattern for just the right amount of grippiness.

And finally, Huntworth found a way to eliminate the biggest inconvenience of glove/mitten combos which is removing them without the fingers turning inside out. They have cleverly included loops between the fingers that you can easily just pull to quickly take them off!

Not that I want to or need to take them off until I’m snuggly back at the cabin … or it’s time to start field dressing my buck!

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