Men and Women Face, Conquer and Enjoy the Same Hunting Challenges

Mon, 05/05/2014 - 3:34pm
Bill Miller

It’s recently occurred to me, hunting is truly a unisex pursuit. In nearly any other “sport” one can think of men and women have their own divisions, leagues and – in some cases – rules of the game. In hunting, we are out there side-by-side facing the same challenges and conditions, hunting the same game. We’re after the same animals in the same environment, and a buck, tom, or duck isn’t giving anyone any “breaks” because of gender.

I guess my female hunting friends have been trying to tell me this for years, but for some reason, I just never connected the dots. Now that I have, it makes a whole bunch of things about the growing popularity of hunting among women much clearer.

For so long, hunting women actually faced added difficulties in the field. First, many “old timers” didn’t necessarily want women in hunting camp or in the woods, so they purposely made things uncomfortable for the ladies. Then as women became more accepted in hunting it took time for the gear to catch up – guns and bows that actually fit a woman’s physique and build.

The final piece to come in line has been hunting clothing. For a long, long time, hunting women just had to “make do” with garments designed and sized for men if they wanted quality hunting clothes.

Well, Huntworth has smashed that last hurdle across their lines of hunting clothing. They offer everything – base layers, mid layers, outer garments, hats and gloves – in separate, custom designs created specifically for women … and, of course … for men.

Take the Ladies Life Style Soft Shell Jacket in Oak Tree EVO camouflage. It’s perfectly designed to the needs of the lady hunter.

Men and women face the same cool mornings on stand, so the Soft Shell Jacket is made with double layer fabric of stretch polyester bonded to thick fleece. Light rain or falling snow dampens the shoulders and spirits of men and women hunters equally, so the Jacket is treated with a durable water repellant finish. Men and women hunters both have essential gear to carry at the ready, so there are large, easy-access side pockets for it. And ticks and other creepy crawlers really don’t care whether the would-be victim is man or women, so tapered arm cuffs offer a close fit.

And that’s just one example of how Huntworth evens the playing field … or in this case, the treestand platform … for men and women hunters.

With my newfound enlightenment, I can add, “It’s about time!”

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