Just Keep the Rain Off Me… PLEASE

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 6:48pm
Bill Miller

Hunters who have traveled a good bit in their adventures can always instantly call to mind a specific mental picture of a specific hunt when they hear a simple place name. For example, when someone says “Vancouver Island” to me, I immediately think of Jim Shockey’s spring bear camp … and it’s raining … non-stop.

Say, “Cordova, Alaska” and I picture Wayne Woods bear and goat base camp at Gravina Rocks … and it’s raining … non-stop.

Mention Prince of Wales Island … I think you get the picture … and it’s raining, non-stop!

There’s a reason they call the stands of ancient trees growing on these coastal mountainsides RAIN forests. They are among the highest rainfall areas in the world!

Give me a few seconds to reflect on any of these hunts, and I can actually feel the weight of wet hunting clothing hanging on my body. I shiver simply imagining the sensation and sound of water squishing in my boots.

These are hunting locations and conditions where all the fancy, designer labels in the world aren’t going to keep you dry and comfortable. And the Devils Club and deadfalls don’t give a dang how much you paid for your gear. They will treat them all with equal malice.

On these hunts give me a foolproof, proven system to keep the water out and the warmth in. That’s layering of quality light and mid-weight under garments – ones that are good at insulating and wicking – topped off with a truly waterproof outermost layer. And since any outer garments you wear here will ultimately be made “disposable” by the thorns, it’s nice if it’s inexpensive, too.

Sounds made to order for Huntworth’s Men’s .20mm PVC Rain Suit. To start, it’s 100 percent proven waterproof. It truly, completely sheds water. The jacket has a front zipper with storm flap to keep out wind blown rain – which all coastal rain seems to be. There’s an attached hood with draw cord and the wrists adjust for fit and comfort with Velcro closures. There are two side entry pockets, and vents on the back and under the arms. Pants have an elastic waist and adjustable snaps at the ankle cuffs. They come in a full range of men’s sizes for comfortable, non-restrictive fit. Huntworth’s Men’s PVC Rain Suits come in yellow, forest green, blaze, and, especially for hunters, eclusive Oak Tree EVO camouflage.

If I close my eyes again and listen – I can hear the windblown rain bouncing off the Huntworth Rain Suit while keeping the wet out and the warmth in. Mmmmm … that’s a nice sound!

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