Importance of the Right Skivvies Hits Home

Mon, 05/12/2014 - 3:38pm
Bill Miller

Quebec’s Anticosti Island is the only place in the world I know where you can hunt whitetail on the seashore. In late season, deer migrate from forests in the center of island to the seashore where they feed on kelp washed up by Atlantic storms. It’s amazing hunting.

As a Midwesterner, it took me awhile to realize what an important role tides play in any hunting you do near the ocean. On one late-season Anticosti hunt, we left the cabins before daylight to head down the beach. The tide was out, so there was no problem cruising along on our ATVs. The day was uber-successful, and I bagged two nice bucks (another unique Anticosti perk is a 2-deer limit.)

Returning to camp late in the afternoon, all was going well until we came to the last river crossing. The tide was now its highest, so what had been a trickle in the morning was now wide and deep! My companions went upstream looking for a crossing, and I went down toward the ocean.

I found what looked like a good spot. If I timed it right with the waves, it appeared to be e-a-s-y. I yelled and waved to my friends, gunned the engine, and roared in. Mistake!

The narrow spot was twice as deep as it appeared. The ATV kept running, but wouldn’t move. I jumped off and discovered it was armpit deep. Without my weight the inflated tires floated the ATV -- zero traction. With the machine floating, the ocean waves began pulling us toward the open water.

My stunned friends saw what was going on and raced down to help. They threw me a tow strap and quickly pulled us back out. Though a bit battered, the machine and I were both, at least, back on dry ground.

Temps were in the teens, so my friends quickly started a fire while I stripped down to my long johns. Once the fire was going, we wrung out my outer layers and hung them on nearby limbs. I stood close as I dared to the fire in my “base layer”.

Fortunately I’d chosen my clothing carefully – especially the base layer shirt and pants. They were wicking and fast drying. In a few minutes, I was comfortable again except for standing on the some deadfall logs in my bare feet waiting for socks and boots to dry.

Base layer garments like the Huntworth Lightweight Men’s Light Weight Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants are truly the foundation of your whole clothing system. If they aren’t right, the whole system is compromised. And in a case like my dunking, it can make all the difference in comfort – even survival.

Constructed from birds eye mesh Huntworth’s base layer shirt and pants dry quickly. A bonus for deer hunters, they are chemically treated for scent control, too. The relaxed fit, tag free collar, and non-chaffing flatlock seams make them comfortable to wear in any conditions. For really warm weather, the shirt can even be worn alone as they both come in Huntworth’s exclusive Oak Tree EVO camouflage pattern.

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