Familiar Comfort in The Woods

Mon, 05/26/2014 - 4:49pm
Bill Miller

Hunting a new country, state, county … or even just a new patch of woods down the road … is exciting. There’s a sense of exploration about those adventures. It’s a big part of what hunting is all about. On every hunt, we’re experiencing moments that have never occurred before and will never occur again. They are truly new, unique … and all ours.

Yet, there is also joy to be found in hunting familiar ground … places you may have hunted a dozen, a hundred, or a thousand times before. While the moments you encounter are always new and exhilarating, the familiarity and history with the place and perhaps even with the individual animals, create different, but equally enjoyable and powerful memories. In hunting on land your family and friends may have hunted for generations, there’s to be found a special ease, peace and calmness.

The same can be said for hunting gear. Trying out some new piece of high-tech hunting gear is always interesting, perhaps even exciting. Your curiosity of how well it works yearns to be satisfied, but there’s always a bit of nervousness, too. What if the new gear fails to perform? What if it costs you success instead of boosting it? Will this really work?

On the other hand, there’s peace and confidence in using the tried and true … gear that’s performed for you in the past and on which you know you can count when things get tough. There are no questions to be asked about it. You know what it is. You know how it works, and it’s going to work this time, next time, always.

When it comes to hunting clothing, the hoodie pullover is that kind of gear. It’s familiar, and you know it’s going to perform, especially if it’s the Huntworth Performance Hoodie.

The shell is made from 280 gram performance fleece, and it’s fully lined with a second layer of performance fleece. The kangaroo style front pockets are exactly where you expect them, and need them, to be. An added feature is a patch pocket on each sleeve. Huntworth’s exclusive Oak Tree EVO camo provides total confidence you’ll stay hidden from sharp-eyed game, too.

Layer up for hunting with a Huntworth Performance Hoodie in the mix, and you’ll immediately feel the familiarity and confidence of this time, next time, always, go-to hunting gear.

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Bill Miller is a lifelong hunter, angler, and outdoorsman. That’s kept him in the woods for something north of 40 years already. He’s built a 30-plus-year career focused on communicating the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the outdoor experience. His adventures have led him to five continents, and camps from high above the Arctic Circle to southern South America and Africa. He has authored hundreds of articles, hosted hunting and shooting sports programs on many major cable television networks, and written or contributed to dozens of books about the outdoors. Yet despite all the distant adventures, much of his favorite outdoor pursuits are close to his home in the Upper Midwest. Besides blogging at www.huntworthgear.com, you can also find Bill’s work at www.underthebigpine.com, NBC Sports from the Lodge, on Outfitters Rating TV on the Sportsman Channel, and in numerous hunting publications. Bill’s most recent book collaboration is called Reflections Under the Big Pine details of which can be found at www.underthebigpine.com.