Facing the Dreaded “O” Word

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 1:34pm
Bill Miller

Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a hunt or two planned in a distant, overseas venue, then you’re in the same boat as the rest of us. With the exception of maybe a late spring bear hunt or some occasional bow fishing in a local creek, we’re facing the dreaded “O” word – Off Season!

For the next six to eight weeks, there’s little real hunting to be done in the whole of North America. Of course, there’s lots of planning, preparation, scouting, conditioning, practice, training and … dreaming … to be done. But out in the woods, on the mountain, or in the marsh with gun or bow in hand? Not so much.

Yet just because we’re not actively hunting at the moment does not mean we cease to be hunters. It’s in our blood. It’s in the air we breath. It’s part of every fabric of our beings. Even though we may only find ways and places to hunt 9 or 10 months out of the year, we are hunters 12 months, 365, 7, 24.

The way we live our lives and, frankly, the clothes we wear need to represent that passion positively to those everyone around us. To borrow some probably already outdated urban slang, we need to “represent.”

One great way to show them you’re a hunter is the lifestyle gear from Huntworth, like the Men’s Performance Lifestyle Hoodie.

Hoodies are right just about anywhere these days, and this one, with it’s black body and sleeves with exclusive Oak Tree EVO trim and hood lining, will leave no one in doubt you’re a proud hunter no matter where you wear it.

The shell is 280-gram performance fleece, and the hood is fully lined with a second layer of performance fleece. There are traditional kangaroo-style front pockets and a bonus patch pocket on the sleeve.

The Huntworth Hoodie is a simple, wear-it-everyday kind of garment that makes a statement: “I’m a hunter. I’m a good guy. And I’m proud of it!”

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Bill Miller is a lifelong hunter, angler, and outdoorsman. That’s kept him in the woods for something north of 40 years already. He’s built a 30-plus-year career focused on communicating the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the outdoor experience. His adventures have led him to five continents, and camps from high above the Arctic Circle to southern South America and Africa. He has authored hundreds of articles, hosted hunting and shooting sports programs on many major cable television networks, and written or contributed to dozens of books about the outdoors. Yet despite all the distant adventures, much of his favorite outdoor pursuits are close to his home in the Upper Midwest. Besides blogging at www.huntworthgear.com, you can also find Bill’s work at www.underthebigpine.com, NBC Sports from the Lodge, on Outfitters Rating TV on the Sportsman Channel, and in numerous hunting publications. Bill’s most recent book collaboration is called Reflections Under the Big Pine details of which can be found at www.underthebigpine.com.