Don’t Hunt Bear Barehanded

Mon, 06/02/2014 - 12:55pm
Bill Miller

What do you think is the second most hunted big game animal in North America? It’s pretty obvious the white-tailed deer is Number One, but Number Two may not spring to mind as easily.

It’s the black bear. In the United States black bear are hunted from coast to coast, and in Canada they are hunted in every province and territory. Many locales offer both fall and spring hunting seasons.

Stand hunting over bait, pursuing with hounds, and glass and stalk hunting are the three primary methods for hunting black bear in North America. Stand hunting is the most popular and widely used, especially during the spring seasons.

Don’t go by the bears you see roaming suburban streets on the evening news; they are anomalies – that’s why they are on the news. Big, old, cagey bear are reclusive animals. They’ll do all they can to avoid human contact. While they may come into a bait site, they’re usually nocturnal, and approach with great caution. Taking a black bear will require patience and tenacity and long hours in the stand – almost surely days, and sometimes weeks!

The black bear’s senses of smell and hearing are acute, and their sense of sight is often underrated. They don’t see as well as a deer, maybe, but they sure can see and staying hidden on stand – especially at bow hunting ranges – is essential to success.

Equally often underestimated is the importance of good gloves in helping you stay hidden from any game that you’re pursuing. Sitting still is essential to concealment, and Huntworth’s Men’s Tri-Laminate Hunting Gloves are designed with all the features that allow you to sit still with that big bear right there in front of you.

The shell is a triple layer fabric combining ridged spandex and stretch polyester bonded to soft fleece with a waterproof, breathable membrane. This barrier is a water resistant, windproof yet breathable film. They keep you warm, dry, and stop marauding insects so you can stay still when you need to! And when the time comes you have to move your hands to take the shot, the exclusive Oak Tree EVO camo maximizes concealment in nearly every terrain and condition. Silicon print on the palm enhances grip on your gun or bow. And when you have your bear down, you don’t even have to remove the gloves to take pictures! The index fingers and thumbs include touch tip technology to work touch screens of all kinds. The system is so unique, there’s a U.S. patent pending.

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